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Everyone has different advice or tips they could give you to assist your success. Each person has gone through their own experiences and come up with their own systems on how to beat the odds. We have compiled a list of betting tips that we feel could really help a beginner get into sports betting and really enjoy themselves and hopefully make some money!


Have Multiple Bookmaker Accounts

I have talked about this in a couple of pages on this site, but I can’t stress it enough. The reason it is so important, is that bookmakers give different odds. If you have multiple bookmaker accounts, you have the ability to check out who is offering the best odds for the bet you want to actually place, which means you can make extra money, by simply choosing the one with the best odds. Most people don’t do this strategy, which means they lose out on money even if they do win. It is such a simple way of maximising your wins, especially when you are totally confident of your bet being a winner. Not all betting agencies carry all sports too so make sure you do your research first to make sure you find book keepers that cover all of your favourite sports.

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Track Your Performance

This might come as a strange betting tip, but it is actually a very powerful way to make confident bets believe it or not. Using an online tool or a simple excel spread sheet to track your wins and losses of all your bets, gives you a real understanding of whats working and whats not. It will also show you if you are winning money or spending too much (god forbid!). It is quite easy to get caught up in the moment of betting and not realise how much you are winning, or if your unlucky, losing. Being on top of your game can really help you take control of your bets and bet confidently knowing where every penny is at all times. Now I don’t mean you need some super complicated excel sheet, just a simple wins / losses sheet that totals your winnings / losses together is enough to keep track of everything if you are just doing a few bets here and there. We are currently developing an excel spreadsheet for people to use free of charge to monitor their betting performance and will be available on our website.

Take Advantage Of Promotions!

Probably the second most important sports betting tip is to take advantage of bookmakers promotions when they are available. Almost all bookies offer a free bet on your first deposit, and will give you a certain amount of extra cash on your first bet placed. For example, if you deposit $50 into your account, they may give you a bonus of like $100 to play with. Its a fantastic way to get some extra cash to bet with, that’s for sure.

Also, along with their first deposit bonuses, a lot of bookmakers run internal promotions for players who are already signed up and have accounts with them. This usually happens for events like the Melbourne Cup or Australian Open. Keep an eye out for these promotions from bookmakers are they are a nice little incentive for you to place bets with them over other bookies you may use.

Know The In’s And Out’s Of The Bookmaker

Each Bookmaker has a different set of rules, which is then also different for each sport. It is very important not to assume one rule set you know from one bookmaker you use, is the same as another. Here is a small list of tips you can use when choosing your bookmaker to place your bets with.


Do you  know people who use this bookmaker? Is it a well known bookie? Credibility is an important factor you don’t want to over look for a multitude of reasons. You want your money to be safe and in the hands of a responsible company. Using Australian Bookmakers is one of the best ways to use a credible company, as sports betting is legal in Australia and also keeps our money on our shores :) .


It is really important to know the betting rules for each sport you want to bet on, to make sure you have the best success and to have full confidence in the bets your placing. Make sure you read the rules for a new bookmaker you are signing up to and to email their support team if there is anything you don’t understand about their betting rules. Some websites also have live help via an internal chat system you can use right on their site for instant support. Competition in the bookmaker betting world is tough, so if you feel the rules are too tight or unfair, simply find another bookmaker!


Ass stated above, one of the best sports betting tips you could ever utilize is to have more than one bookmaker account, for the simple fact that this will give you real time access to a whole host of different odds, on the same sporting events you want to bet on. A few points here and there could mean a few hundred dollars more in your pocket, by simple placing your bet with a different bookie. You should really check the odds of a couple of bookmakers before every bet, to make sure you are getting the best odds possible.

Minimum Deposits

One thing that really differs from online and offline sports betting is that there can be higher minimum deposits online. I know there are a couple of bookmakers that want minimum $200, which might be out of your budget and I actually think is unfair. Check out what the minimum deposits are for any bookmaker you are checking out.

Maximum Winnings Capping

Now for most of us, a maximum winnings cap doesn’t matter as we are doing it for fun and to make the game more exciting. For some people whoever, a maximum winnings cap could make or break a bookmaker for you, as they may be lower than your expected winnings. This is really aimed at people who bet 10 thousand dollars or more in one straight bet.


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