Sports Betting Tips And Strategies


The Easy Bet


For everyone starting to get into sports betting, I would consider the easiest betting style is the “win” bet. Everyone has a favourite team or player. This is the easiest way to back a team or sports person that you may have some knowledge about, from just watching the game. If you are in NSW, the chances are you want the Blues to win in the State of Origin right? Well the easiest bet is to chuck a few bucks on them to win. People do different types of event betting where they will put money on a certain team scoring first which can have really good odds and pay well, but since we are talking beginner sports betting, my recommendation is to stick to win betting for now until you are confident.


The Safe Bet


One big sports betting tip I try to give people when starting out with sports betting is to not bet on something unless they are confident. Betting on your favourite sports team is well and good, but you should be confident that they can actually win their match. If they are last on the ladder and are playing the team who is first, the chances of them winning may be very slim. Don’t just throw a bet on them unless you are confident they actually have a chance, despite them being your number one team! This is truly a recipe for sports betting disaster.


Bet Small


Now there is no rush to become a high roller! Betting small is a great tip and a fantastic way to get your feet wet and learn how the systems work. With anything, starting out and being new at something always means making mistakes. Making a few bets and losing $5 is much better than jumping in the deep end and losing $100. A really good idea is to do some practice bets without putting in any money to see how you would have actually gone. Once you are confident you can check out some of our reviews and find which book maker would suit you.


Bet On What You Know


If you are getting into sports betting, it is safe to say that you are interested in some sorts of sports and have probably got experience in them in some shape or form. If you are an avid NRL junky, this is where you should start placing your first bets. The reason being, is that if have a team you follow regularly, you have a much better chance of knowing if they will win their games or not, therefore increasing your chances of winning and bringing home the bacon. If you become interested in other sports and want to do a few bets, do some research into teams or players first and start small till you gain confidence and knowledge of the sport.


There’s Always Another Game To Bet On


Don’t feel like you need to bet on every game, even if it is your favourite team. There is always going to be another game, and there is always other sports to bet on! Betting for the sake of betting is a fast way to lose your bets and to lose money. If it doesn’t feel right or you need to rush a choice, it’s probably not going to end well for you. Bide your time and wait for the next game, trust me it’s worth it.


Minimise Losses – How To Do So


Responsible betting will no doubt save you money and a lot of headaches in the future. One of the biggest sports betting tips to bet well, is to make sure you minimise your losses as much as possible. Having a punt is exciting and a heaps of fun, but it is important to actually monitor what you are making and also spending in order to keep on top of things.

Logging your betting activity is highly recommended if you are going to be doing more than just the odd bet. Keeping something like an excel spread sheet is one super easy way to make sure you can monitor your wins and losses and know exactly down to the dollar what you are spending. It also becomes a really fulfilling way to know that you are not spending more than you are winning and to have a lot of fun without breaking your budget.

Having a betting budget is also a very important way to stop yourself from over doing it. Every one has a different budget and the best way to figure out your own is to decide on how much you are willing to lose. This can be either by doing it per bet, or per month if you are a regular.

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