This website was setup to provide a wealth of information to people who love to have a bet and for people who have never bet before but wanted to find out what it’s all about. We wanted to provide a place of information on sports betting for newcomers, to make sure they bet correctly, safely and understand what they are doing. The best bet is one you win, and being a newcomer you already have the odds stacked against you.

We have developed a starters guide to help even the playing field for new sports betters and to get you into the swing of things and having fun!


What Is Sports Betting?


Sports betting is a gambling system that allows people to put a “bet” on the outcome of a sporting event. The true main goal of sports betting is to beat the odds and win some money for yourself. The second part is that it makes the game much more exciting and enjoyabler for you to watch.

Sports betting is done through Bookmakers, which are companies setup to accept bets. In Australia there are various companies to choose from, all with their pros and cons. There are some that specialise in specific sports like horse racing and other large ones like that have a huge variety.

Here’s an example of a sports bet:

NSW vs QLD in state of origin. Your favourite team is NSW. You want to put $10 on NSW to win. Depending on the odds (which will be talked about later), you have a chance to win extra money on top of what you put in.

Sounds easy right? Well it is! Most of the time. There are many different types of betting styles and it really depends on what type of sport you are betting on and where you place your bet.

It’s actually amazing how many different types of sports you can place bets on. Not only can you place bets the “winning team or person” you can place it on events.

This is a true example that actually happened a few months ago. A friend of mine got some tickets to go to an AFL game at the Skoda stadium. Bombers vs Giants with the Bombers tipped to win by everyone. One of the people we were with put a bet on for the Bombers to win by 70 points. This is a different type of bet compared to your win/lose scenario. If the Bombers didn’t win by 70 points, he would have lost his bet.

Most people starting with sports betting are better of betting on an outcome, rather than an event in the actual game. You can win more money betting on events but they are much harder to actually win. A lot of people do have success doing event style betting but most of the time those people are very heavily into the game and know the teams very well. This type of event betting can also be done on an even more granular level like betting on one person on a specific team to score the first goal in football. As you could imagine this would be incredibly exciting for the person placing the bet if they were sitting in the crowd at the game!

Sports betting has truly been an Australia sport in itself since the mid to late 1800′s, with the first melbourne cup ran in Victoria in 1861. The first organized race meet in Australia was in New South Wales in around 1809 – 1810. It’s in our Aussie blood!

Sports betting is actually banned in quite a few countries around the world which is a real shame. I don’t truly understand the reasons why countries have banned sports betting and to be honest I was very surprised to hear it, since it is basically a part of Australian culture.


Who This Sports Betting Guide Is For


This is not just for people new to sports betting in general, it is also for people who have been offline veterans for many years, and have decided to take their passion online. As stated earlier, sports betting has been around for a very long time, but online sports betting hasn’t. Online betting can be a bit daunting at first, but at the end of the day it’s exactly the same as going into the TAB, but you are doing it all yourself from the comfort of your own home (or where ever you are!). Amazingly enough, there is even mobile phone betting applications that are available so you can place bets on the go directly from your iPhone. Not all online bookmakers offer this but a couple of the main ones do. Please check out our bookmaker reviews for more information on who offer sports betting on mobiles.

Throughout the guide we will be pointing out various hints and tips on the best ways to place sports bets online, not only with odds and free bet promotions but alaos areas like how to deposit / withdraw your money, getting the best odds every time and various other nifty tips that anyone can benefit from.


Is Online Sports Betting Legal?


Yes! Sports betting has been around for a very long time in Australia. It was only natural that the TAB and various other companies would create online sports betting sites for us to place wagers from the comfort of our homes. It is perfectly safe to bet online on a legal aspect and also in regards to security. All leading sports betting websites in Australia use state of the art security technology to make sure their customers money and financial details are safe at all times. They are probably provide one of the highest levels of online security in the world when it comes to online transactions.




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