Betting systems have been used ever since betting was created. Bettors practice these betting strategies as a way to be more successful at beating the house more often than not. In order to beat the house, the betting systems need to increase the odds for the bettors and should have the capability of producing long-term profits. Each bettor has their own betting strategy or strategies that they feel most comfortable using because those strategies have proven successful to them before and the bettor has honed his betting skills until they are nearly perfect. For every sport and race, bettors need to know which strategy works best for each event. By doing a little research on betting strategies and practicing them, bettor can learn which ones work best for the sports they are punting on. Developing knowledge of betting strategies can prove to be very profitable.

There are several different betting systems, but there are three that are used most commonly. These betting systems are known as arbitrage, statistical anomalies, and regression analysis. With any betting system, there can be several variables that come into play, so it’s suggested for bettors to know each of the strategies quite well before placing their bets.


There are many ways to use the arbitrage betting system. Especially in sports betting, the main goal of arbitrage betting is to lose no money or to make profit regardless of the outcome of the sports event. This is not always a guarantee, but bettors can quickly learn the different types of arbitrage betting in order to ensure their profit.

One type of betting arbitrage is the two-outcome arbitrage system. Bettors can choose to use two bookmakers in order to combine their odds as an attempt to making more profit. This can be accomplished by using unbiased and biased arbitrage. Unbiased arbitrage would mean using a strategy in order to ensure that a bet could be won by a punter no matter what the outcome of the event. Biased arbitrage uses a bit more strategy. For instance, let’s say a punter is betting on a race. We’ll use Horse #1 and Horse #2 as our examples bets. In biased arbitrage, the strategy would be to make a profit if Horse #1 wins and if Horse #2 wins, the bettor would not take a loss.  This type of arbitrage betting can prove to be very profitable because the chances of losing money on a bet can be much less common that with other betting strategies.

Another type of arbitrage is statistical arbitrage.  This strategy is a bit more complex and there is still a risk of losing money. Once this strategy has been used enough times, the better can then increase their odds of winning the bet and making a lot more profit. In statistical arbitrage, there is a mispricing of one or more assets based on the expected or anticipated value of that asset. In this system, bettors take advantage of that mispricing and repeatedly use the system until their odds are much higher than their odds of losing. Bettors who master this betting strategy have the ability of winning their bets 90% of the time and a 10% of losing their bets. Statistical arbitrage is one of the most popular betting systems because the odds of earning a profit can be easily achieved.

Statistical Anomalies

In the Statistical anomalies betting system, bettors have a competitive advantage because they have a chance to deviate from the common rule. In this type of betting system, punts are placed on the likeliest of possibilities by bettors knowing current statistics. Studying players and teams is the most important element to successfully using this betting system. Bettors should learn how individual players and teams compete in specific stadiums, weather conditions, and keep track of injuries – three of the most important factors to placing bets. By knowing how players and teams should compete in a certain event already gives the bettor a large advantage. Learning the statistics of each team and player in sports and races, allows bettors to have a much higher chance of winning their bets and can create more earnings over time. Statistical anomalies may seem difficult, but it can actually prove to be a lot of fun for bettors as they learn about their teams, players, and their playing habits.

Regression Analysis

This betting system is also a statistical technique. Bettors can use statistics to decipher what variables can affect the event’s outcome. Unlike statistical anomalies, regression analysis does not rely on individual players or weather to help bettors decide how an event will end. Instead, different variables, like passing efficiency, are used to consider which teams will win. Bettors must be able to choose which team is most likely to win by knowing that the passing efficiency of one team will result in more scores than the other team. Bettors who know the teams well and have a sound knowledge of how each variable can determine a win or loss enjoy this type of betting system. Regression analysis can prove to be a very profitable form of betting once a bettor has gained confidence in their statistical abilities.

Of course, there are several more betting systems and we’ve only scratched the surface. Some betting systems are more successful for sports, while others are better used on races. Bettors may also feel more comfortable using one type of system over another. It all depends on personal preference and the strengths and weaknesses of individual bettors. Some bettors may also choose to use more than one bookmaker as a way to improve their odds and increase the amount of money they can win on the bets they place. Using several bookmaker is a betting system all its own and can be very profitable. Whether bettors have one sport or many that they enjoy betting on, it’s always best to gain some experience with betting systems and decide on the one(s) that are the best for you. And above all else, have fun! Betting on sports is an exciting and enjoyable experience, so have a blast while perfecting your betting system skills.

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