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Since ancient times, the physical combats between men have always been a celebrated sport and observed by many. Fans would flock to coliseums to catch a glimpse of the brutal and entertaining competitions. Every country throughout the world has enjoyed their version of these combat sports for centuries. In more recent times, martial arts and boxing have been the most popular combat sports around the world. However, in the 20th Century, these sports began to shift to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Since then, popularity in the sport began to climb at a rapid pace. By the 1990’s, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded in the United States and a craze for the sport was created. Today, the UFC is the largest MMA company in the world.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sports that consists of several different fighting styles. These styles include boxing, karate, Muay Thai, kung fu, taekwondo, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and more. A variation of techniques are used by the competitors and a win can be declared by knockout, submission (tap out), severe injury, a referee can end the fight, or a panel of judges may name a winner if there has been enough time for multiple rounds to be fought. MMA continues to gain more popularity every year because of the brutal competitions and the intensity of the fighters. With growing international fame, MMA will continue to grow as the world’s largest and most watched combat sport.

Betting on the UFC

Betting on UFC competitions in Australia has also been on the increase. UFC betting online has quickly become the most popular form of betting on the sport because it offers the most convenience and punters can choose a variety of competitions to wager on. Some of the best MMA events to bet on are WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) Events, Strikeforce (located in the United States and is a kickboxing organization) Events, and of course UFC Events.

Betting on any or all of these events is an exciting way to make a profit while watching a combat sport. In Australia, there are several bookmakers that can aid individuals with placing their bets for every event. For UFC betting online, there are four different betting types that are most common for the sport. These betting types are Money Line Bets, Future Bets, Totals Bets, and Parlay bets.

Money Line Betting

This is the most popular and easiest way to bet on UFC matches. Punters simply place a bet on the player they think will most likely win the fight. The competition does not need to be won by any specific way or points – the fighter just needs to win for a punter to win on their bet. As with any bet, some fighters are favored over their competitor. It’s always a wise decision to check a bookmaker to see what the odds are and what the payoffs would be on any wager.

Future Betting

This wager is exactly as it sounds. Punters can place a bet on something that could happen in the future for a competition. For instance, wagers can be made on fighters thought most likely to become the champion for their division. Punters can also choose which fighter will win a match up weeks before the fight is due to take place. This is thought to be one of the most exciting betting types for the MMA because it keeps punters in suspense and has them on the edge of their seats waiting for the fight they bet on to begin. The odds can change with this sort of UFC bet as well and not always for the better.
Totals Betting

In MMA, this type of bet is placed for the number of rounds a specific fight is considered to last.  If a fight is expected to last 2 rounds, the punter has the option to bet over or under that expectation. If the fight lasts for 3 rounds, the punter that bet “over” will win the bet and the one who bet “under” will lose. This is a very fun betting option and adds an extra thrill to the fight (as if UFC fighting needs anymore!)

Parlay Betting

This type of UFC betting has the potential to be very profitable because it allows more than one bet to be placed on a single wager. However, the chances of winning are a bit tougher (depending on the number of bets placed) than with the other betting types. In order to win, each and every one of the bets on a parlay must be won.  They key to this betting type is to know the sport and the fighters very well. The higher the number of players that a parlay is placed on, the higher the earnings will be. Since MMA is not a team sport, it is much easier to follow each fighter and know their track record, which gives you a much easier chance of being able to correctly choose their positions.

A Few UFC Betting Tips

Besides the four betting options mentioned about, there are several other ways to bet on the UFC. Check with bookmakers to see what those other options are and how to place a wager on them. It’s always best to learn all the information about a bet before placing one. There is no reason to risk money without fully understanding the bet. If a punter has any question, a bookmaker will have the answers.  Once an individual feels confident in their betting knowledge, punters can enjoy placing their wagers on the MMA.

It’s also essential that punters fully understand the UFC and all their events. Watch the players and see if they have the potential to win their matchups. Some of the fighters follow a certain trend, so it’s best for punters to pay attention to any changes because that could mean fewer or more wins for that specific competitor. Don’t forget to have fun. MMA is a highly entertaining sport, so enjoy it. Adding a bet on a fight adds to the pleasure of watching the matchup.

Ready to Punt

Once a punter has gained the knowledge and confidence they need in order to place a bet, bookmakers can be the last piece of the puzzle for success. Bookies can answer any question and provide bettors with current odds before they decide on a punt. With UFC betting online, there is no shortage on betting options. Bookmakers like Centrebet can offer great customer service and help anyone with their bets to make their betting experience as exciting as possible.

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