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Tennis has been around for centuries and still manages to gain more and more popularity with each passing year. Since the 16th century, tennis has been an intense sport enjoyed in the leisure of one’s home and played competitively. The earliest origins of tennis were most common in Britain and France, but the sport quickly spread to other countries all over the world. With so many players stretching across continents, international competitions began forming. In 1877, the first Wimbledon was held in London. Since then, many more tennis tournaments have been established, keeping both fans and players in suspense to see more intense games with glorious wins and defeats for all to see.

Australia quickly joined in on tennis tournaments and founded the Australian Open, one of the most popular and prestigious events in tennis. The first Australian Open, then called the Australian Championships and played on a grass surface, was established in 1905 and held in Melbourne. Since then, Australia has continued to become one of the biggest forces in the sport. This was especially evident in the 1950′s, when Aussie tennis players won the Davis Cup fifteen times between the years of 1950 and 1967. Winning the Davis Cup so many times was a huge accomplishment and established Australia as one of the most competitive tennis forces in the world. From then on, tennis has maintained its steady climb to being one of the most loved sports in the world.

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Betting on Tennis

Betting on Tennis has also grown in popularity, especially over the past few years. Recently, betting online has become the easiest and most common way to bet on tennis games. There are several different tennis competitions held each year that Aussies love to place bets on closely matched competitors and bask in their own glory when they win a punt. The convenience of gambling online makes it possible to tip on several different tournaments and/or players at once. Betting online is the quickest and simplest way to place a bet for any tennis match. With so many different tipping options available, tennis betting online has the potential to be a very profitable and enjoyable pastime for all.

With tennis, there are several different betting options available. Betting on matches doesn’t have to be limited to players most likely to win a particular tennis match. Plus, the season is generally longer than most other sports and with the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) playing simultaneously, the betting opportunities are endless. During the year, there are several smaller matches that allow for bettors to get to know players and their skills by the time the four biggest tournaments (known as the Grand Slams) begin. These Grand Slams, made up of the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and the French Open are the most bet on tournaments of the entire year. With so many talented players and well placed matches and intense tournaments, tennis betting can provide an immense amount of profit and fun!

Before placing a bet, punters need to know the most common bets and how to place them. Three of the most popular bets in tennis are “Bet to Win”, “Handicap”, and “Set Betting”. Each one of these options can provide entertainment and large earnings for bettors when wagered properly. Below, these three wagers are explained in full.

Bet to Win

“Betting to Win” is as easy as it sounds. Tennis Bettors can simply choose which player they believe will win on a particular match. This can be a very valuable option, especially depending on the odds for the players. Betting to win has different variations. Two of the more common variations are “future betting” and “field betting”. Futures betting is when a punter chooses a player they think will win a specific or multiple Grand Slams well before these tournaments will be played. This has the most potential for large earnings because odds will not decrease on the player selected. The second most common variation is the “field bet”. This type of bet is very similar to the traditional “bet to win”, except that a variety of players can be chosen for one win. It’s not as profitable, but it makes winning a punt a little easier. Although the “betting to win” option is most common during the Grand Slams, it can become a lucrative bet for any of the matches
all year long.

Handicap Betting

Several options and variations of “Handicap Betting” are found online. Wagering in this bet can be a quick and satisfying choice for bettors who are well versed in their tennis punting because handicaps can be increased or decreased for certain players, thus increasing your odds at a win.

Set Betting

“Set Betting” is a considered to be a fairly new, but popular wager. Punters can bet on who they think will win a single match with a set spread of the winning score. This type of bet can offer some great odds, but it’s best for those who have a solid knowledge on tennis betting. Once the art of set betting is mastered, it can prove to be very profitable indeed.

A Few Helpful Hints

Aside from knowing the bets, individuals must also know a few things about the players and the games. For instance, punters need to keep up with injuries and make sure a player they’ve bet on is still in top playing condition. Bettors should also know which type of playing surface is better for certain players. These are some helpful hints to having more knowledge before betting can begin.

Once punters feel confident enough to start wagering on tennis matches, it’s important to find an online bookmaker who can provide them with a vast array of information, tips, and current odds on upcoming tennis tournaments. Bookies are knowledgeable in all sports, and provide help to any punter in need. With tennis betting, there can be all sorts of questions and bookies can provide the answers. Once a punter has found the right bookmaker for them, tennis betting can become a very lucrative and enjoyable experience throughout the entire year.


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