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For centuries, soccer has been one of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer showcases physical strength and athleticism in its professional players and is an exciting game to watch. In Australia, soccer games are bet on almost as much as they are watched. Soccer betting has become more popular for games played by the Premier League in the United Kingdom and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) in Switzerland in the past few years. With the rising fame of soccer and its players around the globe, soccer betting online will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.

The Premier League

The Premier League was established in 1991 after England was allowed to participate in European soccer competitions again. Since then, the Premier League has gained millions of fans and the League’s fame continues to rise and sponsorship for the league has been constant since 1993. Today, the Premier League consists of 20 teams and compete from August to May during the regular season. Each teams plays a total of 38 teams, playing the remaining 19 teams two games each. The point system is a little different than in other sports because teams are ranked by total points, meaning the teams receive three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. The team with the most points is awarded the championship at the end of the season. In the event of a tie, the goals scored and goal difference determines the winner. The top four teams are then offered the chance to participate in European competitions for the UEFA Champions League.


FIFA has been an active force in soccer since it was first founded in Paris in 1904. The founding countries of the association were France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Today, the headquarters for FIFA is in Zurich, Switzerland and has over 200 national associations. With so many leagues involved in FIFA, there are so many competitions to watch every year and helps the popularity and love of soccer increase tremendously.

FIFA has several structured tournaments held each year for both men and women.

The women’s tournaments are:

FIFA Women’s World Cup
FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup
FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup

Men’s Tournaments:

FIFA World Cup
FIFA U-17 World Cup
FIFA U-20 World Cup
FIFA Club World Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup
FIFA Club Beach Soccer World Cup
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
FIFA Futsal World Cup
FIFA Youth Cup

Soccer Betting Online

With so many competitions played in soccer each year, it’s no wonder that soccer betting is also popular. Soccer betting online has become the most famous type of betting because it allows punters to place their bets on several different games at once and can provide the best odds and information, especially overseas. Betting online also offers great convenience because individuals can check in on their bets at any time from their own homes, at work, and even while traveling with the luxury of mobile phone applications. In Australia, there are several bookmakers available for those interested in betting online. Bookies can provide all the information and odds to ensure confident punting.

For successful soccer betting, a punter must know the sport’s rules and regulations inside and out.  Bettors must also know the teams and how they rank in comparison to the others, and bettors need to know the individual players and keep up with injuries. Unlike other sports betting, soccer bets are held in “normal time”. This means extra time and penalties are not included in the game times, but injury time is. In other words, the game is over when the 90-minute whistle is blown. There are several different ways to bet on a soccer game. The most common betting types are Total Goals Betting, Half Time/Full Time Betting, and Correct Score Betting.

Total Goals Betting

Also referred to as under/over betting, punters have the option of betting if the number of goals scored in a soccer game will be more of less than the number of goals quoted by bookmakers. This is one of the simplest betting types and is considered the most popular because winning seems to be accomplished a little easier than other betting types.

Half Time/Full Time Betting

This type of bet is also called “double result” because punters get to place a single bet on two different factors in a game. Bettors get to choose three options (draw/win/lose) for the halftime result, and then choose again for the fulltime result. Both factors of the bet must be won in order for the bet to be a success. Punters love this betting option because it adds a more thrilling experience to the game and has great profit potential.

Correct Score Betting

This is a fun, but difficult type of bet to win. Punters place a bet by predicting what the score of the game will be at the end of normal time. This bet is set up by punters assigning the “Home Team Score” and the “Away Team Score”.  For example, a bet placed would look like this: 3-1. This means the punter has predicted the home team will score 3 and the away teams will score 1 by the end of the 90-minute game. Odds are determined by bookmakers, but this is usually a difficult bet to win. In this case, the score would have to be 3-1 to win. The bet would be lost if the final score for the game was anything other than the 3-1. Obviously with this type of soccer bet, the odds are very good so profit margins are high.

Bookmakers and Betting

As with betting on any sport, punters need to have a certain level of knowledge of soccer, its teams, and its players in order to have any confidence in their betting skills. Soccer betting online is one of the easiest ways to bet on soccer games and can offer convenience like no other. In Australia, there are several bookmakers available to help punters with all their betting needs. Punters should first research bookies before they decide on one to bet with. Bookmakers can answer all offer their expertise on soccer betting online and provide sport bettors with a sense of confidence and assurance that they chose the right bookmaker. Soccer betting online can be an enjoyable pastime and has the potential to make punters substantial earnings. In Australia we have access to the international bookmakers and some of them really push soccer betting. They offer amazing promotions for soccer competitions that are coming up so check out all the bookmakers available before choosing, you might be able to score some extra bucks for free!

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