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In recent years, rugby betting online has greatly increased. This increase is due to expanding technology and easier access to the internet across the globe. In Australia, rugby betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting. And the demand continues to grow. With so many rugby teams in various different countries and continents, Aussies love to bet on as many teams and games as they can without making to trip to watch the competition live. Rugby Online betting provides a convenience unlike any other sports betting providers. With rugby betting online, bettors can place their punts in the comfort of their own homes. Punters can even check in on the status of their bets while watching the game from a computer or the smart phones, even when at the game live. In addition to the convenience of betting online, bettors are also taking the time to study up on the different betting types that are available in rugby betting. By doing a little research and finding a great bookmaker, bettors can fully enjoy their betting experiences from anywhere. Some of the most popular betting types for rugby are traditional bets and exotic bets.

Traditional Betting

Traditional bets are normally the most common and the most popular betting type for almost any sport. The top four examples for these traditional bets are Head to Head betting, Handicap Betting, and Final Score Betting.  There are many other traditional betting types involved in rugby betting, but these three are by far the most popular and are great for those who are new to sports betting.

Head to head betting is the simplest bet. Individuals simply choose the team they consider most likely to win. If their choice team wins, the bet is a success. If a bettor knows the teams well, this can be an easy wager to win. However, payoff is usually not as large as some of the other betting types.

Handicap betting is similar to head to head betting, but is a little more complex. Plus or minus points (the handicap) are assigned to the competing teams and punters choose a team to win by more or less than the assigned handicap. Handicap betting adds an extra amount of excitement to the game and has more earning potential that head to head betting.

In final score betting, punters select the ending score of a game (i.e. 40-24). This may seem like an unlikely bet to win, but most bookmakers provide a range of points for a bet to be placed in. Final score betting can a lot of fun, and can provide a nice profit.

Exotic Betting

Exotic bets are typically betting types that consist of bets placed on individual plays and teams instead of betting on just an outcome of a particular matchup. Odds and payout potential vary by bookmaker, but exotic bets are usually more profitable. There are many types of exotic betting, but the most common are 1st Team to Score, 1st Scoring Play, Season Points betting, and Championship predictions.

1st Team to Score and 1st Scoring Play

Bettors choose which team they think will achieve the first score of the game.  In the 1st scoring play bet, the player to make the first score of the game can win this bet for a punter. These two bets are very simple, but make the first few minutes of a matchup very exciting.

Season Points

A wager is placed on the number of points a team will achieve during the entire season. Bettors love to choose this betting type because they get to watch all the games in suspense to see if their one bet will win for them. A margin is normally placed by a bookmaker so that a bettor does not have to guess the exact number in order to win.

Championship Predictions

Punters enjoy placing bets on the rugby team or teams they think will make it to a specific championship. These bets are usually placed in the beginning weeks of the season and odds can fluctuate as teams win and lose.

A History of the Sport

Rugby is one of the most beloved sports in Australia, throughout Europe, and around the world. The sport was first established in England in the early 19th Century and quickly gained in popularity. Other countries began establishing their own rugby teams, and by the late 1800’s England and Scotland participated in the first rugby competition. That same year, the Rugby Football Union was established as the governing body to oversee the rules and regulations of the Rugby Union. Soon after, several other countries began having an interest in competing against other rugby teams. So, the first international rugby competition was held in 1883. This competition included teams from Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Italy and sparked a world-wide popularity in rugby. In less than twenty years, rugby teams spread across oceans. By the early 1900’s, competitive rugby teams were established in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more. With so many rugby teams across the world, international competitions soon became a necessity, and created much more popularity for the sport.

The Game – Overview of Rugby

Rugby Union teams consist of 15 players each with 8 forwards and 7 substitutes. The main goal for each team is to score more points than their opponents in their matchups. Every player trains rigorously throughout the entire season and off-season in order to maintain their physical abilities and playing skills. Because there so many countries involved in rugby competitions, the season nearly lasts an entire year. Teams compete in numerous games throughout the year, but there are three major Rugby Union competitions that every team aspires to win. These three international tournaments are the Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship, and the Rugby World Cup. The Six Nations Championship is held every year in Europe. Teams competing in this tournament are from France, Italy, England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. The Rugby Championship is also held every year, but is played in the Southern Hemisphere. Teams from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa make up this tournament’s top competitors. The Rugby World Cup is the most prestigious rugby tournament and is held every four years. This tournament consists of teams from twenty different countries and competitions last for an entire month. The winning team is awarded the Webb Ellis Cup trophy, the highest honor in all of rugby union.

Final Thoughts

As with any sports betting, it is recommended for bettors to have an extensive knowledge of the sport and betting systems. Get to know all the teams, players, and their individual abilities as well. By doing some research and learning the habits of rugby teams and developing a skillset for certain betting types, rugby betting online will become a favorite hobby for rugby fans everywhere.

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