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The National Rugby League (NRL) is one of the most watched sports in Australia and is the top tier of professional rugby league football. Over 100 million spectators enjoy watching games in the stadiums and on the television all of the NRL games. Sixteen teams make up the league, fifteen are in Australia and one team is based in New Zealand (known as the Warriors). From March through September, these teams battle it out in order to be the top eight teams to make it into the finals. Once the teams have been selected for the finals, the last two teams with the most wins will be in the finals. The NRL Grand Final is held at the Stadium Australia in Sydney and is the most popular sporting event in the NRL. Being Grand Final champions is the biggest and most prestigious achievement of the sport, often looked at as even more important than world rugby league champions.

The NRL was established in 1901 and has increased in popularity ever since. To many Australians, rugby is considered to be the game of the nation.  NRL has gained even more fame and publicity in the recent years, and NRL games are televised every weekend across Australia. There are normally two matched on Friday night, three on Saturday, two on Sunday, and one on Monday. Each of these games can be watched are broadcast live on television for everyone to enjoy. With so many great teams in the NRL, Aussies love to ability to watch each and every game.

With the growing popularity and continuing support of the NRL, betting online has become a great option for those interested in placing wagers on the sport. There are several different bet types and many ways to wager on a game. The three most common betting types for the NRL are Line Betting, Margin Betting, and Head to Head betting. There are also several different exotic bets that punters enjoyed betting on as well and make for an intriguing betting season.

NRL betting online is supported by every bookmaker in Australia. It is probably one of, if not the most bet on sports in Australia. Each bookmaker offers a huge range of betting options and some are exclusive to the bookmaker. All of them also run promotions for the big NRL games like state of origin and finals, to increase the bets put on and the excitement of the game.

Check out our free bets section for regular updates of bookmaker promotions that will provide you with extra cash for your NRL bets.

NRL Betting Types

The NRL bet types outlined below are generic bet styles that most bookmakers offer. They all also offer exotic bets which are specific to the bookmakers. To find out more info on the exotic NRL bet styles, check out the bookmakers individually.

Line Betting

Also referred to as “Handicap Betting”, Line Betting is becoming one of the most popular betting types in Australia for the NRL.  A number of points, called the handicap, is decided by the bookmaker and punters can choose to bet on a team to win by more or less that the handicap. This means that the team with a minus handicap must win the game by more than the handicaps in order for bet to be won. The exact opposite is true of the team with plus points given to them by the handicap. Depending on which bookmaker a punter uses, this betting option has the ability to increase the odds of winning and become very profitable.

Margin Betting

This type of betting has a lot of earning potential and is quite simple. A punter will bet on a NRL team they think will win by a certain margin. For the NRL, this margin is 1-12 points and by 13 more points. For example, for a punter who is betting on a team to win by 1-12 points, the winning team will need to score 12 points or less than the opposing team for the bet to be won. If a punter has bet on the 13+ margin, the winning team must win by 13 points or more for the winning bet.

Head to Head NRL Betting

This is the easiest and most popular betting type because there is nothing else to consider in the bet, except for punters to choose with team they think most likely to win in a particular matchup. If an individual does their research and knows all the teams well, winning a bet can be easy. This can lead to being a profitable betting choice for punters who research upcoming games. This can be a bit harder early on in the ladder as team change every year and so does their performance. Mid year head to head betting is a great way to earn some easy bets!

Other Betting Types

Aside from the three aforementioned betting types, there are countless other betting options that can be very profitable in NRL betting online.  Some of these betting types can be made on individual players, certain accomplishments of teams throughout the season, and bets are even made on losing teams.

Betting on individual players can be a lot of fun and gives punters more chances to bet on a game. Here are some of the options for betting on players:

•    Man of the match
•    First scoring play in a game
•    First and last scoring play in a game
•    First player to get injured in a game
•    First to be penalized
•    And several others

There are almost countless ways to bet on team’s accomplishments in a season. Here are some of them:

•    The top 8 teams
•    The top 4 teams
•    First team to score in a game
•    Which team scores first point
•    Two teams to make the finals
•    Which team will win the final cup

Although it may sound a little morbid, punters also enjoy placing NRL bets on losing teams.

Here are some examples:
•    Won’t make it to top 8
•    Won’t make it to top 4
•    Won’t make it to finals
•    Will lose finals
•    Most losses (also called the wooden spoon bet)

Betting Time

Before placing a bet, punters need to do some research.  This may include studying up on the game itself and making sure all the rules are understood. Some punters may also want to watch the teams, see who the dominant players are, and learn how they perform under pressure. These are all key factors in making a successful bet. Another tip is to keep up with news and injuries. If a team’s best player is out due to an injury, but a punter doesn’t find out until after a bet has already been placed, tough luck. Punters need to keep up with every detail in the NRL if they want to have a fair chance in winning bets. The best recommendation for people wanting to have a crack at betting on NRL games online, is to choose head to head. This won’t have the best odds, but the chances of winning are much much higher, especially If you have a favorite team and monitor their success week by week.

Also, individuals should do some research on the available bookmakers before placing a bet with them. Odds and winnings can vary between the bookies, and some aren’t as reputable as others. Make sure the bookmaker has the ability to answer questions about every type of betting options that are offered for the NRL. With so many great games to watch and endless bets to make, NRL betting online can be an enjoyable experience for every punter in Australia.

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