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NBA Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. In the United States, the NBA (National Basketball Association) is definitely the most famous of the leagues in the world. Because of that fame, there is a high demand for players from other countries to make it into the NBA. This not only allows international players to be placed with the world’s top players, but also gives them a very high salary. With so many sponsorships, fans, and international fame, NBA players are some of the world’s best paid professional athletes.

The NBA was founded in 1946 in New York City, and popularity of the sport has soared every year since then. When the NBA first began, there were only eleven teams in that starting season. Today, the organization boasts 30 teams. 29 teams are located in various states throughout the Unites States and one team is in Canada.  The regular NBA season consists of each team playing 82 games, 41 at home and at away games. The players then go on a grueling journey to make it to the playoffs and the finals to win the NBA championship, which is the highest honor an NBA team can achieve. With so many loyal fans of basketball throughout the world, the sport will continue to grow as one of the most famous and loved sports of all time.

Online Betting with Basketball

With so many exciting games throughout the season, basketball is one of the most frequently bet on sports each year. Aussies love to wager on the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States. For basketball fans, it doesn’t matter where the games take place. It’s all about the competition and players going head to head for a win. Basketball betting online has also begun to see an increase in popularity in recent years. Bookmakers offer an easy and exciting way to place bets on favorite teams, players, and who punters think will make it to the finals and/or the All Star games. For those individuals wanting to bet on the NBA, bookies can provide individuals with the odds and other useful information for both leagues. NBA Basketball betting online can be a fun, profitable, and simple way to wager on the sport at any time during the season.

Recommended Basketball Bookies

If interested in any sort of basketball betting online, there are several bookmakers to choose from. Our bookies recommended provide bettors with the most knowledge and all the information on betting odds available. Whether an individual is new to basketball betting or already has experience betting on the NBA, bookies have everything needed to place successful wagers and start making money on punts today. – Centrebet have a wide range of US basketball options including the WNBA (Women’s NBA) and the men’s NBA. The bet styles they offer are Straight, Line and Total Score, which are explained in more detail below. They often run promotions specific to NBA tournaments as well for bettors to take advantage of, whether they are new to Centrebet, or regulars.

Common Bets on Basketball

Betting on basketball can be a very easy and fun task when done with the right bookmakers. With so many games during one season in the NBA, there is a lot of money making potential. There are several different ways to bet on the sport, each one providing an intriguing way to enjoy the game even more. The most common bets in basketball are money line wagers, point spread betting, and totals betting. All the options in basketball betting can prove to be very profitable if the bettor does the research and gains the knowledge that any punter needs for success.

Money Line Wagers

In this type of betting, basketball bettors can bet on the winning team without the point spread. These wagers are made primarily by using odds because there are some teams who are given more than a 50% chance of winning a particular game. This means that the odds on the favorite and the underdog will increase since the probability of the favored team also increases. This can be a complicated bet for beginners, so it may be best to consult with a bookmaker before completing a wager. Bookies can provide punters with expert knowledge on this type of bet and can help gamblers feel more confident in the wager they choose to make.

Point Spread Betting

This is the most common type of betting in basketball because it’s simple, fun, and has the potential of making punters a lot of profit.  The point spread is the number of points (the handicap) given to the favored or the underdog team. This means the favorite teams would have to win by more than the handicap points in order for a punt to be won and the underdog team would have to lose by less than the handicap. For example, say there is a 10-point spread on two teams a punter is interested in betting on. The favored team would need to win by 11 or more points in order for the wager to be won.  For the handicap team, they would need to lose by 9 points or less for the punter to win the bet. By doing a points spread bet, it adds an interesting twist to the conventional type of betting in which only winning teams are bet on.

Totals Betting

Also referred to as over/under betting, this is the second most common type of wager in basketball. Totals betting is done by a bettor deciding to bet “over” or “under” the final score posted by bookmakers. For example, let’s pretend the final score of a game is predicted at 120 by the bookies. The “over” will need to be 121 or higher for punters to win, and the “under” must be “119” or lower for a bet to be won. This is a very exciting and simple bet and provides a great source of entertainment for any punter who enjoys betting on basketball games in the NBA.

Other Bet Types Related To Basketball

Aside from betting on basketball teams winning a specific game, there are also other types of basketball betting out there. This type of bet style is known mainly as “event betting”. A few of these betting types include:

•    Which teams will make it to the finals?
•    Which players will be in the All Star Game?
•    Which player will be giving the MVP award?
•    Which player will score the most point in the season?
•    Who will be awarded Coach of the Year?

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