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Horse racing has been one of the most famous sports for thousands of years. This horse racing sport has had its history traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and has never wavered in its popularity. Thoroughbred racing is the most common type of horse racing and was first established in early British society, and was especially loved by royalty. There are several other racing types such as quarter horses, Arabians, paint horses, and others, but thoroughbreds have stood the test of time and will remain to be the most popular equestrian sport for many years to come.

In Australia, horse racing has always been a favorite sport throughout the country. Horse racing has been an active sport since the earliest years of settlement and has made Australia the third largest horse racing country in the world. The prestigious Melbourne Cup is one of the most sought after achievements in all of horse racing and several international competitors enter the race for a chance to win. Currently, there are three types of horse racing in which horses and their rides actively compete in across Australia: steeplechase racing, harness racing, and thoroughbred racing. Thoroughbred racing is definitely the most famous of the three and has a huge following a fans, sponsors, and sports bettors all over the world.

In Australia Horse Race Betting is huge, especially when the Melbourne Cup is on. Many companies stop work to watch the race, and even close on the day of the Melbourne Cup so they can participate! Most people will place horse race bets online for the Melbourne Cup day with the rest of the office, or they do small pots together.

Horse Race Betting

Betting on horse races has become one of the most popular pastimes of racing fans all across the country and is very popular overseas. Horse betting online has also seen a large rise in race betting and is beginning to be the favorite betting option for active punters, especially the older crowd. For horse betting, online is the best option because punts can be made from the convenience of a bettors own home and from their own computer. Punters can also compare odds from a number of different bookmakers and have access to betting tips and other useful information right at their fingertips. The horses races can also be watched from home, and bettors do not have to make a drive to the track or stand in long lines just to make a bet. Online betting is a great option for any and every punter that is interested in placing a bet on some horse races.

Betting Online

With the added convenience that online betting has to offer for horse betting, several bookmakers are now available any time and any day of the week to assist punters in places their bets or to offer some friendly betting advice. Punters are encouraged to shop around for the best bookmaker and see how their odds measure up against the other bookmakers before placing a bet. Bookies have an extensive knowledge of both horse racing and horse betting. Bettors even have to option of choosing more than one bookmaker to gamble with as a way to maximize their own odds and payoff potential. A sound strategy for any punter is a also another great way to make some money and have some fun while placing bets on horse races throughout the year.

We have a great section of reviews of bookmakers available in Australia to assist you in your choice.

Although the Melbourne Cup is the most famous horse racing competition in Australia, there are also several other races for Australians to bet on. Punters can even choose to bet on races in different countries, a great new perk with online betting that cannot be accomplished with traditional betting. For bettors interested in horse bets, they should have some knowledge and experience with the current betting types that are used in horse race betting. The most popular betting types are “exotic bets”, “multi-bets”, and the traditional “win and place bets”. Each one of these betting types has several different varieties available and are explained below.

Exotic bets

Some of the most common exotic bets are the Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, and the Quadrella. The Quinella bet allows a punter to choose the horses they think will come in first and second place in the race with no specific order defined. This bet has a little more wiggle room for wins to be accomplished. The Exacta is almost the exact same bet as the Quinella, except the punter has to choose the exact order of the two horses in order for the bet to be a success. Bettors choose the top three horses they think will finish the race in first, second, and third place and has to be in exact order for the bet to be won. The Quadrella bet is a bit different than the other exotic bets because it allows bettors to choose four winning horses in four different races. All exotic bets are a bit more complex than tradition “win bets”, but the potential earnings for each punt can be all the more rewarding as well.


All Up betting and Parlay betting are the two most popular versions of multi-bets in horse racing. All Up betting allows punters to choose one or more horses to win or place in several different races. Each of the selections made by the bettor must be a success in order for the bet to be considered a win. Doubles betting is the simplest multi-bet. Bettors choose two winners of two races; if their selected horses win, the bet is a success. Multi-bets can have several different variables and can last for many races, but multi-bets are also one of the most exciting betting type on horse race betting.

Win and Place Bets

These types of bets are considered to be the most traditional and simplest bets in horses racing, but are also a lot of fun. Win, Place, and Show are the common bets and can be done in a variety of ways. “Win, place, and show” simply means “first, second, and third”. Bettors can choose a horse they think will come in first for a specific race. It their prediction is right, they’ll take the “win” bet. The same goes for second and third place bets. These bets may seem simple, but knowing the horses and their abilities is a key factor to horse race betting success.

The win and place bets are also the best way to place your first bet when horse race betting online, as your chances are higher for success and you don’t need to know as much about the actual sport. You can base a lot of your bets just on the actual odds of the horses.

In horse race betting, it is essential for sports bettors to know the sport well and to know the individual abilities of each horse and rider. By doing some research and studying up on the available bookmakers, punting on a horse race can be a very enjoyable and profitable practice.

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