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Since the 1990’s the popularity of Greyhound Racing has increased significantly. Unlike other countries in which greyhound racing is considered more amateur and enjoyed for purely entertainment purposes, Australia sees greyhound racing as a true sport, especially for placing bets. Greyhound racing is taken very seriously in the country and is a very celebrated sport and is an active part of the sports betting business. With the sport’s popularity and support growing at a fast pace, greyhound betting has also began to make a steady climb. Greyhound racing is truly an amazing sport to watch and has a growing number of fans every year and will continue to gain more fan in the years to come.

The Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA) has many offices across the country and has several regulations that help in keeping the greyhounds healthy, in top physical condition, and in suitable living conditions. Similar to other professional athletes, the greyhounds need to be well taken care of in order to be able to compete. In races, the greyhounds run in an oval shaped or circular track while chasing after an artificial rabbit. There are normally eight greyhound dogs in each race and with the dogs being able to run at nearly 60 kilometers an hour, it is a spectacular event to witness.

Without a doubt, greyhounds would probably be the best kept dogs ever! Their owners spend massive amounts of money on keeping them fit and healthy and have amazing living conditions. Most greyhound owners owns farms with huge wide open spaces to train their dogs for racing, and have more than one.

Greyhound Betting

The growing popularity in greyhound racing has also lead to an increase in greyhound betting, especially online. There are several different ways to bet on a greyhound race. With online bookmakers, it’s easy to place a bet from anywhere. Punters can also place bets on races held in different countries at any time during the year, and can lead to high profits for successful punters.

Greyhound betting online is very similar to horse race betting. Of the eight dogs in the race, punters tend to choose the dogs in the outside or inside boxes because they normally do the best. The remaining dogs in the middle usually fall behind. Of course, each dog is different and there can be some cases where a greyhound in the middle is faster. This is where doing research and watching many races comes in handy. Knowing the racing habits of each greyhound and figuring out which ones are usually the best runners is a huge factor in winning bets.

Some Betting Types

There are several bet types for greyhound racing. Punters love to choose a variety because it has the potential to make more profit. The most popular betting types in greyhound racing are the Win Bet, Place, Show, Across the Board, Quinella, Trifecta, Superfecta, and the Pick Three and the Pick Six.

Win Bet and Place bet

These are three different betting types, but each is very popular in greyhound race betting and similar to horse race betting. For the “win bet”, punters simply choose the dog they think will win the race. “Place betting” is where a bettor picks the dog expected to finish the race a place. A bet can be won if the dog finishes in first, second or third place.  Odds vary by bookmakers, but each of these greyhound betting types has great earnings potential.

Across the Board

This is a combination bet of the win, place, and show. Punters make three individual bets on a single dog to come in first, second, or third. If the dog chosen places in first, the punter will win all three bets. When the dog comes in second, the “place” bet is collected. The “show” bet is award if the dog finished in third place.

Quinella Bet

This is a simple and fun bet. The punter selects two dogs they think will finish in first or second place. The dogs do not have to win in a specific order, just as long as they’re the first two dogs to complete the race.

Trifecta and Superfecta Bets

For the “trifecta bet”, three dogs are chosen to finish the race in first, second, and third. The dogs must be chosen in the exact order for the bet to be won. This is one of the most exciting bets in greyhound racing. Because of the difficulty of this bet, potential winnings can possibly be substantially larger than other bets. The “superfecta bet” is exactly like the trifecta, but it includes betting on four dogs to finish in exact order instead of only three.

Pick Three and Pick Six Bets

In these two different bets, punters can choose a dog they think will win three or six consecutive races. Odds and payout will vary by bookmakers, but these bets have high profit potential. However, this type of bet requires a lot of research. It’s best for a punter to know the abilities of each individual greyhound that way it becomes much easier to choose a dog that has the talent to win that many races in a row. Having a single bet last for three to six races is a betting strategy that punters love to participate in because it keeps them in suspense for a longer amount of time for their win.

In addition to the greyhound bets mentioned above, there are several more betting options available in greyhound racing. Each one adds another factor and more enjoyment to the races and nothing’s more fun than winning some cash.

Wanna Bet?

Greyhound racing tracks are all over the country and give punters several options for placing their greyhound bets. There are also many bookmakers who can make betting online as simple as possible. With online betting, the betting options are nearly endless. Bookies can also provide answers to any questions a punter may have about a specific type of greyhound bet they may want to take. Researching bookmakers is also an important task for those interested in greyhound betting online. Punters will want to choose a bookmaker with a great reputation and that offers a high level of expertise on online sports betting.

For more information on bookmakers available, please check out the bookmaker reviews section on our website.

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