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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world with players and fans spanning the continents. The modern version of the sport is said to have been started in Scotland in the 1400’s and quickly gained in popularity throughout Europe. By the 1600’s, all of Britain was actively participating in golf. By the late 1770’s, golf made its way to the United States and has been a huge sport for the country ever since. In 1903, the sport made its way to Japan and has grown in popularity in nearly every country around the globe.

In Australia, golf is also one of the most celebrated sports in the nation. In the 1970’s the PGA Tour of Australia was developed and love for the sport has continued to rise ever since. There are countless golf tournaments held in several countries each year, and Aussies love to watch and bet on every golf competition they can. In recent years, golf betting online has seen an increase and bookmakers have been trying to keep up with such a high demand of golf betting.

Punters love to place bets on every golf tournament possible. With bookmakers, it is now possible for bettors to place several bets at once and also allows them to check the current odds in order to place the best possible bet. There are several different betting types available for golf betting online. The most popular types are Top 5 Betting, Top 10 Betting, Individual Round Betting, Money Line to Win Betting, and Matchup Betting.

Top 5 and Top 10 Betting

For “Top 5 Betting”, punters can choose the golfer they think most likely to place in the top 5 for the tournament. “Top 10 Betting” is exactly the same, except punters will choose a golfer to place in the top 10. This type of betting is far different than betting on other sports, but chances of winning are greater. However, potential profit may not be as high since punters can essentially choose a golfer to place in 5th or 10th to win the bet for them. Check with bookmakers to see what the odds and payoff would be before placing the bet to make sure it’s really worth placing a bet. Some of the most popular golfers may have extremely high odds, because of their high level of skill and track record.

Individual Round Betting

Typically, there are four rounds played in PGA tournaments and the golfer who has the best score of all four rounds combined is the winner. In “Individual Round Betting”, this is not the case. Punters love this betting type because they can choose a golfer who they consider most likely to win one individual round. This means punters will not have to wait for the four rounds to be completed before they can win their bet. Bettors only have to watch one golf round for their bet to be called a success. This betting type is one of the most popular options in golf betting online. It is not as elaborate and precise as some of the other bets, but it still provides great profit potential.

Money Line to Win Betting

Golf betting can be a very complicated process because no odds are placed to winning an event. Instead, a money line is placed on each individual golfer. Bettors must pay special attention to favored golfers in order to see how much winning potential their bet would have. Sometimes, betting on the underdog could be worth the risk of a bet because the payoff would be so much greater than the favorites. It all depends on the golfers, the tournaments, and the bookmakers. If punters should have any questions about this betting type, it would be a wise decision to ask a bookie for some of their expert advice.

Matchup Betting

This may be the most popular and most exhilarating betting type of all golf betting online. In “Matchup Betting”, two golfers will go head to head in a single round or tournament. Odds vary by matchup and players, but placing a bet on this betting type is still exciting. As with any bet, check the odds, ask for advice, and know the golfers well. By doing a little research on the players and trying to decipher how one will fare against the other, adds to the thrill of the bet and can aid in more successful golf betting. This is almost considered a game within a game because based on who you choose, the winner of the actual round doesn’t matter.

Betting Opportunities

With every sport, the possible betting types are almost endless. Punters should check with their bookmakers and study more of the types before they begin placing their bets. There are also several different golf games and tournaments held each year, which gives bettor plenty of opportunities to work on their betting skills. With more experience, punters allow themselves to develop even more betting talent and increase their success as they go.

In Australia, there are four major golf tournaments and championships to bet on every year. These four competitions are the U. S. Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, British Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. These tournaments include the best golf players in the world and Aussies enjoy placing their bets on all of these competitions. There are several other great golf competitions held throughout the year. Some of these games include the Australian Open, Australian PGA Championship, Victorian Open, FedEx Cup, The Barclays, and many more. The chances to participate in golf betting online are vast and highly entertaining.

Different bookmakers also have different types of bets you can place as well, so it would be a good idea to check out a couple before deciding on one specific bookmaker. When it comes to golf betting online, another good idea is to have more than one account so you can check the odds of each golf game you want to bet on.

Some Betting Tips

For the best punting experience, bettors need to know a lot about the sport, its players, and other contributing factors. Know each golfer and learn how each of them performs at a certain course and in certain weather conditions. Most golfers still compete in most weather, unless it’s highly dangerous. Rain and high wind are the biggest obstacles for golfers to battle against, so punters should know how each player handles competing in different weather conditions.

The internet can be a great resource as you should be able to easily find out last year’s positions, and catch up on some news related to your favorite players. Things like injury or poor performance recently can really change the odds and chances of winning for a golfer, so keep this in mind when placing your bets.

Punters should also have a great knowledge of the betting type and shouldn’t place a wager on something they don’t completely understand. For golf betting online, it’s also vital for bettors to shop around for bookmakers and check out their odds. By doing all of these things, golf betting will be a much more enjoyable and successful experience.

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