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Cricket is the single most popular sport in all of Australia, with almost 60% of the population involved in the sport. Whether they’re participating or watching a competition, Aussies have made cricket the most loved sport in the nation. Cricket has been in Australia for over 200 years and has steadily increased in popularity since that first day in 1803. Today, cricket is an active sport in hundreds of countries around the world, including Europe, England, South Africa and Asia.

During cricket season, international teams compete against each other in a number of competitions. Several games are held throughout the season as teams attempt making it to the biggest competitions cricket has to offer. The two largest and most important competitions in cricket are the ICC (International Cricket Council) Championship and the Cricket World Cup. The ICC Championship is an international tournament that consists of the top eight teams. The competition is a One Day International (ODI) cricket tournament and has been played every two years since 1998. The team who wins the honor is awarded the prestigious “Champions Trophy”. The top ranking tournament of the entire sport of cricket is the ICC Cricket World Cup. This competition first began in 1975 and is currently played every four years. The Cricket World Cup is the most important and highest achievement for teams to accomplish in the ODI Cricket and is the fourth largest sporting event in the world.

Cricket Betting Online

With so many cricket competitions to watch every year, cricket betting has become almost as popular as the sport itself in Australia. Cricket betting online is more common than ever because it offers a convenience that is far greater than what is offered by traditional betting. Betting online is a great way for punters to gamble on more than one event or tournament at once, and allows those bettors to check in on the status of their bets anytime they want. With today’s technology, there are several online bookmakers to choose from and that gives punters the opportunity to compare all the odds offers by bookmakers before they decide on placing a bet.

Betting Types

There are several ways to place bets on cricket tournaments. Some of the betting types that are used most frequently are “Next Man Out”, “Race to Ten Runs”, “Top Run Scorer”, “Head to Head”, and “Most Wickets”, just to name a few.

Next Man Out

Next Man Out is a very popular in cricket betting, but is available during live betting only. While watching the whole match, punters can decide on who they think will be the next player out between the two batsmen out on the bench. This can be a very exciting bet to place and punters are often on the edge of their seats during the entire game in anticipation of finding out if their bets were a success. Keep in mind that Australians cannot place live bets online, but almost all of the websites that offer cricket betting also offer live betting over the phone for cricket too.

Race To Ten

To open the batting, two batsmen enter the crease, and punters begin their bets on “Race to Ten Runs”. Bettors choose the teams they consider most likely to achieve ten runs first. This is a very fun bet, and bettors love to choose this betting type for the pure enjoyment of it. Depending on odds and betting expertise, the potential of a high profit is attainable with this betting type.

The Top Run Scorer

Top Run Scorer is a great betting option for cricket betting beginners. Punters choose a player they think will score the most runs in the game. In order for the bet to be won, the one player bet on will need to have achieved more runs than the rest of the players on his teams. Because there are more variables in this betting type for a winning punt to be accomplished, the earnings can be larger than some of the other betting types in cricket.

Head To Head

Head to Head betting is the most common betting types in almost every sport because it is one of the easiest to call. Punters simply choose the team they believe will be the winner of a certain matchup and that’s it. Punters can enjoy the game in eager anticipation to discover if their bets will pay off.

Most Wickets

Punters even have the option of betting on the “Most Wickets”. It’s a simple bet in which gamblers choose a bowler in the game to get the most wickets. This is a very exciting bet and punters can enjoy an entire competition while watching their player get them closer to winning a bet with each successful play. Odds may vary by bookmakers, but this betting type has the possibility of substantial winnings. Cricket is a long game as well, and each over can be really exciting with this cricket bet style.

A Few Betting Tips

Of course, there are several other ways to place a bet on cricket matches. Since cricket betting online has seen an increase in gamblers in the past few years, there are many bookmakers available who can help punters decide which type of betting is the best for cricket, while also figuring out the best betting type for the individual bettor and their specific strengths and weakness. Bookies have a vast knowledge of the sport and enjoy helping people find their niche in the cricket betting world.

Punters also need to keep in mind that wins are not guaranteed, but winning can be accomplished more often when they do their homework. Bettors should study the teams and decide which ones are the strongest as a whole. Individual players also need to be studied since a lot of betting types consist of punting on single players and their individual accomplishments alone.

Online betting for cricket was first introduced to gamblers in the late 1990’s and since then it has increased in online punters ever since.  The popularity of cricket betting online will continue to grow as the best betting option for years to come. For bettors around the globe, the convenience online betting has to offer is incomparable to the other options. With technology and betting demand always changing, bookmakers will also continue to adjust to those changes. When you choose the best bookie you’re your specific needs, it’s important to learn all the rules and regulations of the game, research individual players on the teams, and understand all the betting types, so you will feel 100% confident in your betting abilities. This will also mean that you have a much high chance of converting a bet to a win!

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