Luxbet offer some of the highest paying racing products on the Australian market. Their two main racing products are called “Best of the Best” and “LuxDiv”. They would have to have the largest range of betting options for racing, and also great odds.

Luxbet was launched in 2008 and are considered a “luxury” bookmaker (this was coined by themselves). One of their key products “Best of the Best” was launched in 2009 and is Australia’s highest paying racing product, offering bettors the best price of the three Tabs’ or the on the course Top Fluctuation, which ever is currently paying more at the time.

Although they are quite young in the Australian industry, their presence online overseas is huge, so they became a big contender to bookmakers in Australia from the get go.

Site Look, Feel And Ease Of Use

The Luxbet site is very easy to use. Its light, easy to navigate with the left hand menu with all the sports listed available and I really like their “next to go” overview.

I’m not sure what it would be actually called, but I call it the next to go page. This is sort of like their “home page” which shows the next races up for the top sports. As you can see below, its showing the next horse races and greyhound races first. This is because Luxbet really do specialise in racing. Underneath you see an overview of the baseball games about to fire up as well. I love using this page just to check out the odds of games coming up, you can find some good bets in this panel alone.

The main window I like on the home page is the “Sports bet of the day”. This week it happens to be Game 3 of the State of Origin. It not only shows the odds, but the percentages of people betting on each team. Its good to see people backing the Blues!

In regards to their actual betting options for games, I would have to say these guys have probably one of the largest amount of betting types available for a single game. Its actually quite overwhelming!

In the example below, I used the State Of Origin as an example. In the top section there is 10 subheadings, each with a couple of options of bets inside it. They are seperated into what is called a “market” and inside each market, is the bet options available.

By adding up the market section, there is a total of 68 different bets you can place on this ONE SINGLE GAME. This really gives you a huge amount of options, and really shows you how much effort Luxbets bookmakers put into each and every game. It takes a lot of time and effort to be calculating and offering odds like this.

Merchant Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Luxbet offers quite a few methods of payment into your account to place bets. They offer credit card, moneybookers, POLi, direct bank transfer and also BPay. I would have personally liked them to be able to offer Paypal as a payment gateway, as I use this a lot and I know heaps of people personally use this for various types of purchasing, not only for betting online. The best bet is credit card at the end of the day, which they obviously support. Their website is also verisign secured, and Luxbet take their clients security very seriously so its very safe and secure when doing transactions.


Promotions And Events

I would have to say that Luxbet has to be one of the main bookmakers that offers a vast amount of promotions all the time. Not just on special events, but constantly just have good promotions for everyone.

Luxbet are very generous with their new sign ups currently offering up to $250 bonus on your first deposit. This basically means, if you deposit anything up to $250 they will match it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of getting some extra coin to place on your bets, that’s for sure.

Luxbet don’t just offer promotions for newcomers. The true promotions are for people who are already using their bookmaker services. They have a “weekly specials” page which is constantly updated with new promotions for a wide range of sports. Currently there is 8 promotions running which is almost double what other bookmakers usually provide at once. This will go up and down, and at this point and time there is a lot going on in sport so Luxbet are offering some great promotions. Most of the promotions are bonuses for backing a certain team or player to score a try.

See Below for an example of the promotion they are running for the State Of Origin game. Pretty sweet deal if you are going to place a bet anyway!

 Sports Covered

Luxbet covers a massive range of sports, which would suit all sports bettors out there. They specialise in horse racing, greyhound racing and hardness racing. Now don’t let that fool you, just because the specialise in racing, doesn’t mean Luxbet has held back on the sporting side of things. I would have to say that they probably offer more sports than other Australian bookmakers do!

Their list is massive and they have a range of sports that some other bookmakers don’t cover such as futsal, ice hockey, netball, snooker, surfing, volleyball, darts and elections. Obviously they have all your core sports like footy, soccer, tennis etc as well.

Offering the alternative types of sports like snooker and futsal really seperate luxbet from the other bookmakers. It really shows that they are putting in a hell of a lot of effort to cover as many sports for their customers as possible and I really respect that. The amount of resources that has to go into each sport is quite high, considering you need to have a bookmaker who knows the sports inside and out on every level, to make sure that the odds are correct.

Mobile Options

Luxbet offer a wide range of mobile services to make sure you can place your bets on the go. The have an Iphone / Ipad app and also an Android app which a lot of bookmakers don’t invest in. For people with other phones, they also have a mobile website. This basically looks like their apps, but will work on any phone that has a web browser on it.

As you can see from the picture below, their web based version of their site is SUPER simple. The reason for this is that when on a mobile device, you want it to work real fast and smooth, so taking out all the pretty bits is a necessity to gain the functionality while on the run.

Service and Support

Luxbet don’t let you down when it comes to customer service. They have quite a few different avenues of support, depending on what your preferred method is. They have three different phone numbers, customer service, racing betting and sport betting. That is beneficial because at leas you are going to go directly to the area you are looking for, without stuffing around with one number and 50 options. They have a “help” system which takes you directly to a live chat with one of their staff. This is personally my preferred method as they are very prompt and know almost all of your questions, plus I don’t have to wait on hold like a phone.

For general support enquiries, they also have a general help section that you may find useful. Personally I am quite lazy and would rather talk to a real person, but the point of having it there is a plus, especially when it’s something not overly important and you can quickly find the answer yourself.


Overall, Luxbet is one of the most solid bookmakers available in Australia. They are particularly good for people looking for horse racing, greyhounds, harness racing and some of those specialty sports that you might not be able to find at other bookmakers. Their promotions are top notch and there is always new ones for you to take advantage of which is a huge plus. Their odds are always competitive especially in the horse racing, which is probably one of the main reasons I would suggest that if you are looking to punt on horses, make Luxbet your first choice.

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