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Centrebet (as it is spelt on their website) has been around for 20 years. The company was actually registered over in the Northern Territory and has been licensed do accept various types of bets via the Internet and via telephone.They were also the first licensed bookmaker in the Southern Hemisphere to offer betting of sports online. This really put them in the front of the competitors as they were the first horse out of the gate in the online betting world for Australia.

Back in June, Centrebet was purchased by Sportingbet, which basically made it the largest betting company in Australia.

Centrebet also has a presence online over in the UK, but we will be reviewing the Australian site only. Luckily we don’t need a UK account to bet on any UK sports so there is no need to do a review on that side of Centrebet.


Site Look, Feel And Ease Of Use

The Centrebet website is top notch. It is really well laid out and is very easy to navigate. It is also very easy to setup an account. For the purpose of this review, I shot over to the Centrebet website and signed up an account within about 3 minutes. Just make sure you have your drivers license handy as you need it for identification. You also need to have a credit card handy to put in your first deposit.


After signing up and logging in, I went straight to the sports section and wanted to check out the latest betting odds on the next Manly game (Go the Eagles!). As you can see below, the odds are setup very nice and easy to view. What you think guys? Should I have a crack on this one or what?!

The site is very dark as you can tell from the screenshots above, but it is very easy to use and the black / white style of site makes it very easy to navigate and not too busy. There is no blinking flashing banners or pop-ups so it’s always nice and clean.

The great thing about this site is that all of the sports are basically set out exactly the same, so once you learn their system (Eg. Straight / Line / Margin / Handicap betting styles) you are good to go on pretty much all of the sports besides the racing section, as it is a little bit different as the racing bet styles are traditional.

One thing I really like about the Centrebet website is the information buttons throughout the site, on almost every single page. These are so handy for newcomers to the site and need to find out more information about a certain event. See the example below, I quickly jumped onto check out the AFL round 13 odds for Sydney vs Geelong.This might seem pretty normal, but just having the information right in the actual odds area is very handy for me, so I know when the actual game is on. Half the time I don’t know so I can put this into my calendar.

Placing a bet is super simple as well. All you do is click on the odds you want to bet on for the specific team and it brings up the bet slip. The bet slip is where you place your actual sport bet, and it shows you how many bets your putting on, what your total wager is, and the potential payout if you win. See the screen shot below of a bet I was putting on, Go Manly!

Merchant Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Making a deposit is easy first of all which is a nice change from some of the other international bookmakers out there. The other great thing is they do not charge a fee for deposits like some other bookmakers do, which is definitely an added bonus. They support a huge range of deposit merchants like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill (aka Moneybookers) Neteller, old school bank transfer, Bpay, PayPal and another not so well known one called POLi. I recommend personally using your credit card or PayPal for convenience and security.

Withdrawing funds is just as easy. It can take up to 5 days to receive your winnings but most of the time it will be 24 – 48 hours, especially if you are Australian and used an Australian merchant to receive the payments. One thing to note is that you have to use a card or service you have used to deposit funds into Centrebet. It also has to be in your name (the account holder). Centre bet also doesn’t charge for a withdrawal no matter what facility to wish to receive the money on, which is another bonus of placing bets with them. Some bookmakers charge to withdraw money to your account which is just plain annoying.

Promotions And Events

Centrebet are known for having some awesome promotions for people who are looking to sign up, and also for people who already have accounts. On their promotional page, they have 9 promotions running right now. This will chop and change throughout the year, but it shows how dedicated they are to providing quality promotions to newcomers and betting veterans alike.

I found this one particularly interesting. They are offering a money back special on the super 15 Rubgy Comp.

They also run some free promotions which I really like. It allows you to get involved with some sports betting without actually having to put down any money and have the chance to win money. It’s a win/win situation! The one Centrebet is running at the moment is called Turf Wars. They are giving away some pretty decent money considering your not even using your own money for the tipping.

Sports Covered

There isn’t many bookmakers out there that could really match the amount of sports covered by Centrebet. This is really one of the main reasons they are so popular. It is like the “one stop shop” for all of your sports betting needs (except for the varied odds you get from having more than one account!).

To show you just a simple overview of the sports covered, without the competitions, here is a list.


2012 London Games, American Football, Aussie Rules AFL, Baseball, Basketball – US, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Elections (yes, I am serious!), Golf, Hurling, Martial Arts, Motor Sport, Netball, Premiership Double, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker, Soccer, Surfing, Tennis and Volleyball.


Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Harness Racing, Jockey Challenges and Feature RacingĀ  plus a few other variants.

To be honest I don’t think I would every bet on something like darts or elections but having such a wide variety of sports really does cater to the masses, more than most bookmakers could ever do. This is really only the tip of the iceberg, as the rest of it lies under the headings I outlined above. Each sport has different competitions you can bet on. For example, under the rugby league menu system, you have 15 different subcategories you can place bets on. A few of these are NRL Round 16, NRL Futures 2012 and State Of Origin. As you could imagine if you averaged that out for a couple of sport competitions each sport, there is literally hundreds to place bets on.

Mobile Options

Regardless of if you have an iPhone, Android or windows phone, you have the ability to place bets using a mobile device. I must admit though the iPhone app is really nice and easier to use than the mobile version of their website, but both work just as well as the other when it comes down to placing bets. The great thing about their mobile website, is that it doesn’t matter what phone you have, it will work. This is very common these days, but to do it properly is another thing altogether.

Here is what the website looks like on a mobile device. As you can see its super easy to navigate and very simple. The iPhone app looks almost identical to this.


Service and Support

The service and support on their website is really good. They have quite a few options for support if you get into a pickle and can’t figure it out. There is a very details FAQ on their site, but for people who are wanting one on one support, they have a live help chat system integrated into their website so you can jump on and have a chat with a support technician.

Support For Newcomers

One of the biggest areas of support for any sports betting website is the new people. All bookmakers have their own systems and it may confuse even the most elite sports bet nuts. I found a big question mark on the sports page which directs you to help videos that are opened up on a separate window, which allows you to follow along and do what the video is doing. It explains it really easily for you to understand, with step by step clicks. Here is the mouse over for the help section which was related to the page I was on which was an odds page for NRL Round 16.

Centrebet also has toll free sport telephone betting along with racing as well. In regards to customer support they have a 1800 number, customer service email and a live chat system all at your fingertips. You really can’t ask for much more support than that.


I really rate Centrebet as one of the leaders in bookmakers for the simple fact they have been around for so long, and pioneered some of the systems and technology that a lot of other bookmakers use today. Not only do they offer a great system, they have awesome promotions for newcomers and current players that they back up with a dedicated support system that is only a few clicks or a phone call away. It’s rare to find any sort of company that can offer a well rounded experience like this in the sport betting world, and is why Centrebet is so popular among the Australians and UK residents.

If you are looking for a bookmaker that has a tick in every box, head on over to Centrebet now and tell em we sent you!

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