Bet365 is one of the worlds largest gambling companies. It was launched in 2001 and has grown leaps and bounds since then. Bet365 has 7 million customers that spans 200 different countries. They employ a staggering 1900 people, and is the UK’s 7th largest private company. Although they are from the UK, they have a strong presence in Australia, and are regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

They have an amazing track record and reputation in the sports betting industry, and also the gaming industry as a whole. in 2010, they won the eGaming Review Operator Award which was for “Operator Of The Year”. They have also been positioned in many “fastest growing company” rankings in the UK as being in the top of the fastest privately owned technology and media companies.

They have a massive reach internationally which continues to grow stronger every year. The amount of resources and support they have available for it’s players is astounding, and truly makes betting with them an enjoyable experience.

Site Look, Feel And Ease Of Use

The layout of Bet365 is quite similar to Centrebet in my opinion. Now this isn’t a bad thing, as the usability of the site is fantastic. On a high resolution screen, the website really performs best as the higher the resolution the more information is available on the page. The “home page” seems to auto refresh by itself which updates the sports and odds for whatever sports are showing.

Some people may fine the site a bit busy, as there is a ton of content on the front page, but lucky for you there is an option to change the layout style.

The picture below shows you what the bet365 website looks like on a high resolution screen. It shows two columns in the middle, showing odds and sport information. Click on the image to see it in a larger view.

You can’t really see it in the screen show above, but in the top right there is a little “switch layout” button. When you click this, it changes from 1 to 2 columns instantly with basically 0 page loading. Here is a close up of the right hand column menu options, just in case you want to find it yourself.

Up in the top right hand section is also the bet slip, which most book maker sites have. It is sort of an industry standard to display the bet slip in the top right. The bet slip system is very easy to follow, as all you need to do to place a bet is to click on the odds or name of the person you want to bet on in the main area, and it chucks it right into your bet slip for you to be able to choose you additional options like how much you want to put on (stake) etc.

Handy Tip

There’s another handy tip for this home page that people may not know about as it isn’t really pointed out to you and you may miss it. The pages presented may not be sports you want, for example the image above shows a snooker picture, and a tennis picture and has the odds for each. Above these images is a little bunch of four grey buttons. These buttons allow you to scroll to different feeds of sports. See below for a closer look.

When you click the little buttons in the top left corner, it will show you another sport, with odds and information. Its great to use this for an overview of the sport and whats going on, instead of having to click into the sport individually on the left hand side bar as its much much slower.

Now on this screen shot above you can see the bottom right of the picture has a little monitor screen. When you click this, it will take you directly to a live stream of the game, directly in your browser! This is probably one of the most exciting parts of this website. The ability to check in on things as they are playing, to be able to place bets. Here is an example of the splash screen where you are able to watch the games.

As you can tell from the information and pictures above, the websites look and feel is absolutely top notch. They have invested a boat load of time, effort and bucket loads of money into making this site what it is today.

Merchant Deposit and Withdrawal Options

After doing all of these bookmaker reviews, I would have to say that bet365 offers the highest amount of merchant facilities available over all other bookmakers.

Every single merchant they offer for deposits, has no fee’s at all except Fastbank transfer which is free over $300.

The depositing merchants that bet365 off er are:

  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill aka Moneybookers
  • Paypal
  • Instadebit
  • Click2pay
  • UKash
  • Paysafecard
  • Entropay
  • Bank Wire
  • Fastbank Transfer
  • Cheque

A lot of these you may not have heard of, because they are international merchants. I am glad they offer PayPal as this is my main merchant facility besides credit card and I would have to say that this would be the case for almost all Australians as well. Skrill and Neteller are also getting popular in Australia so its great to see they are supported as well.

In regards to withdrawals most of the merchants processing times are between 1 and 3 banking days (so no weekends), and a couple are within 24 hours. These are standard and are not because of bet365, but the systems of the merchants and how they handle their transactions. My suggestion is not to ask for a cheque though, as it can take up to 28 days!

Promotions And Events

Bet365 are always offering bonuses for newcomers and also current players. They do it quite differently, which is quite interesting. They offer promotions per sport, rather than having generic all round promotions. They offer a huge amount of promotions that span many sports. They do well over 10 promotions at a time, covering horse racing, soccer, footy, greyhounds, rugby union and much more.

Because they are international, they don’t just offer promotions focused on Australian sports. For example they are offering a 50% parlay bonus on US and Canadian sports players at the moment. It’s a real bonus that they have international promotions as there are a large amount of Australians that love to bet on sports like European soccer and American sports. Other bookmakers in Australia also offer promotions for international sports but I would have to say that bet365 probably offer the most diverse range of promotions that span a large amount of different sports.

Sports Covered

This is where bet365 really starts to shine. Their amount of sports they cover is HUGE. There is only a few bookmakers that offer this amount of sports, one of them being Centrebet (you can find their review here), but I think that bet365 may out do them by a couple of sports. They have your run of the mill soccer, footy and Aussie rules but they have some amazing niche related sports too.

The ones I found really interesting were Gaelic sports, Futsal, Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Beach Volleyball, Rowing, Table Tennis, Handball, Triathlon and Water Polo. These are sports that not all bookmakers carry and is actually an amazing amount of different sports that most Australians may not know existed to bet on. This really shows what level bet365 is on, and proves that they are a leader in the sports betting industry.

Mobile Options

Their mobile application is obviously top notch. They have an IPhone, IPad and Android App and for everyone else they have a mobile application that will work with any Internet based phone that has web browsing capabilities. You can use your normal account on these too so you don’t need an account for mobile and an account for your computer. It’s a great way to stay up to date or place a few bets on the run.

The biggest difference between the bet365 mobile app and all the other bookmakers, is that it allows you to watch live sport from your mobile device. This is absolutely wicked. Obviously you need to have a decent Internet connection to do so, but this day and age most of us can find a free wifi hot spot somewhere and watch some live sport with off the mobile device.

Service and Support

As you would expect, the level of support for bet365 is also really good. They offer a live chat service directly on their website so you can talk to a human and not have to go through some annoying “self help” guide if you don’t want to.

They have the other normal support channels like email, free 1800 number and another one that some other bookmakers don’t offer which is a 24 hour call back service. They also offer telephone betting for us Aussies because we aren’t allowed to do live betting online as well, so despite them being an international company they do a really good job of supporting us here.


Bet365 offer an astounding amount of sports, bet types and services that not many bookmakers can match. They have invested a huge amount of time, effort and money to be able to provide 200 different countries with an amazing sports betting experience which is why they are one of the biggest in the world and have been able to flourish over last 11 years. If you you are a true sports betting fan and will be on two snails racing, they will probably have all the sports you could poke a stick at, and a few extras on top. If you are a lover of all sports, Australian or international then bet365 will cater to all of your needs and then some.

Check out our free bets section as we update it with the new promotions our favourite bookmakers run every week and we do keep an eye on bet365!

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