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In Australia, sports betting is in our blood. It is a tradition that was started many moons ago, back in the late 1800′s here in Australia. It would be safe to say that is has become the number one form of betting for Australians online and has also become embraced across the world.

Online Sports Betting – The Benefits

The online world has really opened up the doors for all betting enthusiasts on so many levels. Back in the day, you used to have to go down to your local TAB to place a bet, and for most of us the TAB wasn’t just around the corner from our homes. When something like the Melbourne Cup was on, the TAB’s were jam packed and a real pain in the back side to get in and put a punt on. Since the development of technology, sports betting became available online which made is super easy for all us sporting enthusiasts to place our bets from the comfort of our home, or even our mobile phones. Not only is it more convenient for us to place bets from anywhere in the world on any sport, but we have the information to evaluate bets better, thanks to Google. Before online betting was around, you really had to go on gut instinct and how much you know about a certain team in order to place a confident bet. With all the latest news on teams, players and also the industry of every sport in the world available on the internet, it really makes it much easier to place a confident bet on your favourite sports team after doing a bit of research beforehand. I know it does for me anyway.

So Many Bet Options

One of the best things about betting online is the fact that you aren’t constrained to one sport, or even one country. A lot of sport betting agencies (check out some reviews here) have almost every sport under the sun from across the world. There are a lot of people who don’t just follow NRL and AFL, so having the ability to place bets on their favourite overseas soccer teams, or their number 1 baseball team from the comfort of their own home is really something to be appreciated. When we think about betting, the first sports that come to mind would be footy, soccer, cricket and horses. With the booming success of online sports betting, sports that you would never think of are available to punt on line snooker, volley ball, badminton and even handball! when choosing a bookmaker, one of the key things to look for is the availability of sports to bet on.

The Odds Have Never Been Better

This is truly one of the biggest areas of sports betting online that get overlooked. Each bookmaker offers different odds, and a lot of people really only stick with the one site to place their bets on. Having the ability to choose the best odds over multiple sport betting sites is one way to really get bang for your buck and make the most out of your bets. One aspect of online betting I try to recommend to everyone is to have more than one account for this exact reason. If you can make a few bucks by checking all of the sites you like to bet on before you place your bet, you are definitley better off. We have created some reviews on each of the top bookmakers in Australia for your convenience, this will be a helpful hand in choosing a couple of places that give good ods for the sports you want to place bets on.

Be In Control Of Your Money

If there is one thing that is really important when sport betting, it’s making sure you don’t get out of control. I can talk from experience, that being down at the track and being overwhelmed by the excitement can really hurt your wallet. When betting online, you have much more control over yourself (sometimes!) and a lot more information about the current event you want to place bets on. Knowing how much you are spending and being able to monitor your account inside the bookmakers website is a very effective way to make sure you dont blow your betting budget and can monitor your winnings.

Big Promotions Online – Take Advantage

Sports betting sites are super generous to newcomers and also their current players. It is safe to say that every single website will be offering a promotion to newcomers onboard and to have a bet with confidence and the support they need. Websites like Sports Bets, Luxbet and Centrebet offer awesome bonuses for signing up with them. The way I see it, when signing up with a new site, the bonus $200 you get for example, can be used for you to not only make some extra cash if you win, but also to learn their system with their money, not yours. We have a page on our site that advises new players of the best promotions from the top bookmakers for Australian residents. Check out our Free Bets section for more info.

Choosing Your Bookmaker

Choosing a bookmaker to place your sports bets with wisely is something that many overlook. Check our our comprehensive guide here on how to choose the right bookmaker for you.

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